Whitelisting email addresses is a good method to not waste time looking for them in the "JUNK" or "SPAM" folder.

I- Gmail

II- Outlook

III- Yahoo

Note: You can whitelist the following addresses: 







I- Gmail

1- Log in to your Gmail account (make sure you are using the same address on BitcoinBlink). 

2- On the top right of your dashboard, find the cogwheel symbol, click on it.
A scrolling down menu appears, click on "Settings".

3- In the "Settings" menu, click on the tab "Filters and Blocked Addresses".
Then click on "Create a new filter".

4- A window will appear.

Enter the address that you wish to whitelist in the field  "From".

Then click "Create filter".

5- A window will appear.

Select the option "Never send it to Spam" and then click "Create filter"

6- Good job!

Now the email address is whitelisted and will not go to the "Spam" folder.

II- Outlook

1- Log in to your Outlook account (make sure you are using the same address on BitcoinBlink). 

2- Locate the Cogwheel on the top right of the dashboard. Click on it.

Scroll down and select "View all Outlook settings".

3- Select "Mail" on the far left, then select "Junk email".

Click on the button "+ Add" and add the email to whitelist.

4- Make sure you enter the correct email address and click "Save".

You are done!

III- Yahoo

1- Log in to your Yahoo account (make sure you are using the same address on BitcoinBlink). 

2- Locate on the top right the little icon to add a contact, click on it. 

Find at the bottom "+ Add a new account", and click on it.

3- Fill in the "Name."

Fill in the email address that you wish to whitelist, then click "Save" at the bottom.

4- Done!

The whitelisted address will appear in your contact list.

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